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The Sammy Center is founded on the belief that every single child is amazing and should be given every opportunity to reach their highest potential.


“I am continually impressed by the nurturing care that Teacher Tracy and Teacher Taylor provide. I love hearing how they communicate with each other. It is a very healing and supportive environment.”

Lead Early Childhood Consultant

Research shows that creating a foundation of confidence and empowerment in young children will pave the way for positive future outcomes and while adverse situations permeate all socioeconomic backgrounds, The Sammy Center is a place of equity and diversity which knows no boundaries.


“The Sammy center has helped my son gain skills that help him to regulate himself”   

“Very intuitive and focused on each child as an individual” 

“Highly recommend” 

Ronnie Smith – Parent

We are a strengths focused center and meet every child right where they are. We do this by offering small classroom size, evidence based social emotional curricula and support children on how to navigate big feelings and emotions through play, awareness, self regulation, empathy and compassion.

The Sammy Center wants to help build children up at a young age to help mitigate and/or help them move through hardships so they can be successful adolescents
and then adults. Our trauma-responsive environment supports resilience, self care, and healing.

Operating hours are

Monday through Friday 8:30am to 11:30pm and 11:30 to 2:30, (Full day sessions available)

The Sammy Center staff believes in a holistic approach and that a home-to-school model is vital for successful outcomes. Families will have access to on-site and zoom wellness offered by our Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and regular parenting workshops offered by our Professional Parent Trainer.

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